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About Paige

Hi, I'm Paige! I'm from Denver, Colorado and recently moved to southern California to escape the snow and continue building my career. Growing up, I always loved to create and that passion stemmed into makeup and hairstyling which eventually turned into a business. I also love to travel and will go pretty much anywhere to do hair and makeup. 

I am a licensed and insured cosmetologist who does on location hair and makeup for bridal and production. I specialize in airbrush and believe it is the best way to go for brides, most film/tv, and print work. I'm constantly learning and growing as an artist and love that this industry is always evolving and has so many different avenues to explore.


I love to work one on one with clients to create their dream hair and makeup, with photographers and creatives alike to create unique editorial looks, and with actors and models on set of various productions. I feel extremely lucky to be constantly doing what I love, meeting new people and traveling to places I've never been before.

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